June 21, 2021

Top Tips for Your E-commerce Website: How to drive and build traffic for your online store

by Colleen Romero

Top Tips for Your E-commerce Website: How to drive and build traffic for your online store

Starting an online business is never easy. You have millions of competitors all around the globe. As more people are jumping on the e-commerce train, competition is tougher than ever.

Your eyes might glaze at the amount some people make from an e-commerce site, but this is just one side of a coin. Almost 80% percent of eCommerce businesses fail in the first year. 

This is not to discourage you. We want to show you that by doing proper research you can be a part of those successful 20% e-commerce business owners. 

However, have you ever wondered what steps this 20% of owners take to create a successful online business? And why do 80% make no profit?

Before you jump into eCommerce, it is beneficial to know why most of these sites fail and how you can avoid it. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

Top 3 Reasons 8 out 10 eCommerce Sites Fail to Generate Profits

No REAL Investment.

Today, it is possible to create a full-fledged e-commerce website with a few hundred dollars. Shopify is an outstanding example. But many people didn’t notice that you need money to make money! 

Online business is a serious business. Treat it like an actual business instead of a cash-generating machine without investing. 

Like most businesses, e-commerce sites need a significant amount of capital. Without investing any real money, you will never be able to make any profit, let alone scale your site. 

Most people will happily invest $50K in physical stores but refuse to spend anything greater than $5k in online stores. 

A BAD Website

Although most individuals have less capital as compared to large-scale business owners, there is just no excuse for having a bad website.

Tools like Shopify make it easy for beginners to create beautiful websites with little to no technical knowledge. 

Just ask yourself. Will you buy from a shady-looking site with bad colors and no security? You will not buy from it. Right? So investing in good design, security, and speed can go a long way in generating trust.

No Marketing

This is one of the most common mistakes e-commerce businesses make. They think customers will start coming automatically after starting the site. 

But that’s not true. To get your site and products in front of your audience, you need to market. Whether it is paid or organic, marketing is essential to get traffic. No traffic equals no profit. 

Now that you have seen the top reasons e-commerce sites fail. Let’s see some tips to grow your site and be in the top 20%. 

build traffic for your online store

5 Tips that will skyrocket your e-Commerce business growth

Choosing the right product

The first step to building a successful e-commerce site is to know what products to sell. It is one of the most challenging aspects of starting an online business. Not every product is made similar. You need to conduct market research to know if the products you want to sell have any demand in the market. If you sell a product that people don’t want, then this is a recipe for disaster. 

Plus, you will need to find reliable manufacturers to source your products. So, choose the product wisely.

Choosing proper marketing channels

Marketing is the bread and butter of any online business. There are billions of active websites on the Internet. How will people find your site among those? It is simple – through marketing. 

However, there are many options in the market, like social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, and display advertising, etc. Which one should you choose? 

One way to find the most suitable marketing channel is to see where your audience hangs out. If you sell fashion clothes and accessories, Instagram and Google Ads are a better option than LinkedIn.

Understanding and practicing SEO 

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a critical part of running an online store. SEO helps you get your site in front of your audience. Keyword research is one important aspect of SEO. 

If your customer writes ‘’Best fashion Accessories in Idaho’’ and your site has been optimized for this keyword. Then the chances of your site showing on the first page of google are much higher. 

There are various other SEO strategies, such as backlinking, offsite -SEO, and on-site SEO. Sites such as Backlinko, and Search Engine Journal provide comprehensive guides on optimizing your site through SEO. 

However, keep in mind that, unlike paid ads, SEO takes time to show results. Patience is the key here.

Providing stellar customer support

Have you ever lost respect for a business that did not answer your queries regarding their products or services? You will find many people complaining about the forum site about how the customer support was unresponsive or not there at all. 

Do not make this mistake. As a small eCommerce site owner, your customers should be your priority. Providing excellent customer service will gain you extra points in the eyes of other people. People may even recommend your products just because you paid attention to their problems. 

Customer support does not need to be expensive. You can hire people from Fiverr, or Upwork at a cheap cost.

Invest in Professional Product Photography

The power of a good product image is hard to ignore. It can make a difference between making a sale and losing a customer. 

Product photography is crucial, especially in e-commerce. Your buyers cannot hold the physical products in their hands before placing an order. Most people look at product images before looking at a text while online shopping. And that is your window to catch their attention.

You might not have the budget to hire a professional product photographer. But that does not matter at all. There are many tutorials online that teach you how to take product photos like a pro. All you need is a camera and proper lighting. And you are set to go.

Wrapping Up: 

Starting an e-commerce business is a thrilling yet challenging process. However, you will learn how to run an online business eventually. You will also learn how to choose products, run marketing campaigns, and take professional product images, etc. Sometimes it will be frustrating when you can’t find answers to your questions, but other times it can be rewarding. 

Let’s Get The Money Rolling In!! 

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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