November 27, 2019

The Greatest Tips on How to Find and Hire the Best SEO Expert

by Colleen Romero

When it comes to marketing your company, you should want the best. Marketing is fundamental to any business’s success, and without effective marketing, you will never make the money you deserve. You won’t attract audience, which means you find customers, which means you won’t be able to sell anything.

Yet, taking the first step and finding an audience is easier said than done. You need to rise above your competition, who is trying to attract the same audience. And to do that, you need to hire the best SEO expert you can find.

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Whenever people want anything online, they turn to a search engine for guidance. All they need to do is type in what they want, and they have millions of options and links at their fingertips. For users, every new search is another journey and another opportunity to learn more about the world.

And for you, every search is another chance to place yourself ahead of your competitors. Hiring an SEO expert will guarantee that people find you whenever they want something you can do. And that’s just the start of what an SEO expert can do for your company.

To learn more about why you should hire one, and how to find the right one, keep reading below!

Everyone Claims to Be the Best SEO Expert

It’s important to realize that people are like companies when they’re looking for jobs. They market themselves to employers in the same way companies market themselves to customers. And since SEO experts are directly involved in marketing, they know how to market themselves well.

Don’t trust somebody’s word if they claim they’re the best SEO expert available. Ask them for proof to back their claims up. At the absolute least, they should have a portfolio of work they can show you.

And don’t just accept that they have a portfolio as proof that they’re worth hiring. Read through it and make sure that their style, keywords, and metrics are up to par with what you would expect from an expert. Actually read through their work, then make a decision.

Marketers Have to Market Themselves, Too

The best SEO experts usually aren’t even freelancers. There’s a myth that the best SEO writers are people that run their own businesses, and who only take exclusive, privileged clients. In reality, they’re usually just good salespeople who know how to convince companies they’re worth hiring.

To find SEO experts who will get results, you usually need to find them from an SEO company. Some, like this company, connect you with experts who have been vetted. You can trust they’re the real deal because the company trusts them.

And if they don’t deliver on the results they promise, you can take it up with their company. The company connects SEO experts with other businesses, while the SEO company helps businesses find better experts. Everyone wins in the end!

SEO Strategy Isn’t Immediately Recognizable

A good SEO strategy isn’t always something you can see. The nature of SEO writing is to convince people that you’re not doing it; nobody wants to read something that was only written to reach a goal on a keyword. The best SEO writers keep articles interesting, so they don’t seem like SEO-oriented articles at all.

If you don’t believe that someone is an SEO writer after looking through their portfolio once, make sure to look again! They may be better than you think, and they may be exactly what your company needs.

A Good SEO Expert Won’t Look Like an Expert at All

Several writers try to maintain flashy websites with modern designs, to make themselves appear professional. It’s a way to earn the trust of companies who may compulsively avoid people that don’t look professional. Yet, not all writers are in it for the money.

Some may only do SEO writing as a way to make money on the side of their true passions. These people can be some of the best writers available on the market, even if they don’t look like it. They’re focused on more than just business, and that makes their articles that much more valuable.

Don’t disregard someone just because they don’t match your expectations of what an SEO writer ought to be like. At the same time, make sure to have some standards for who you bring into your company! Just like everything in business and in writing; it’s a careful balance between focus fun.

The Best SEO Expert Considers Your Brand

Many people believe that SEO writing is just about writing things to boost your SEO rankings. They think that articles revolve around keywords and that there’s rarely any substance to them. Yet, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The substance comes from something other than the article — it comes from your brand. Your company gives articles their voice so that when people read them, they’ll understand it represents what’s actually on your company’s mind. It connects people with your company on a deeper level.

The best SEO writing turns people from casual users into audience members. And then, it can convert them from audience members into customers.

Inbound Marketing Involves More than Algorithms

SEO writing is a part of inbound marketing, which is a relatively new kind of marketing that rose out of the internet. It focuses on the processes that organically transform people from users into audience members and finally into customers. And the process involves more than just your company’s blog posts.

Inbound marketing is about managing your social media presence, building your brand, and posting on your website. It’s about how all aspects of your digital presence work together to make your company successful. A good SEO expert will realize this and will write so that it fits with your preexisting inbound marketing processes.

Good SEO Will Revolutionize Your Revenues

Hiring the best SEO expert isn’t an easy process. Finding them can be tough, and knowing how they fit into your company can be harder. Yet, that doesn’t mean hiring one isn’t worth it.

An SEO writer will help your website rank higher, which will make your company seem more legitimate. It will make people respect your company more, which means it will get more revenue. Yet, that’s not the only way to make your company successful.

To learn more about why SEO is so important and how it plays into your company’s success, keep reading our website!

Colleen Romero

Colleen is an internationally known and respected copywriter who creates engaging and conversion-friendly SEO optimized web copy. She's been a content writer for over 5 years and specializes in content strategy and structured content.

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