May 12, 2021

Why Cannabis Companies Need a Responsibility Initiative

by Chris Romero

Social responsibility for cannabis companies is not only necessary in such a heavily regulated industry, but it is vital when it comes to educating your customers to make healthy decisions. Companies beginning to serve the emerging cannabis market in the US, both medically and recreationally, are starting to realize the need for public social responsibility initiatives.


That is why lots of CBD and other cannabis companies have started specific initiatives designed to educate and provide resources to users.

Why is responsibility important for cannabis companies? 

When it comes to marketing heavily regulated products such as CBD or anything hemp-derived, it's important to show your consumer exactly the potential benefits (and risks) involved when using.


Additionally, this is helpful for showing customers the best way that your products can help with their issues and connecting them with the most appropriate solutions.

But what is the best way to go about taking a stance without jeopardizing sales? What questions should be answered and what stances should your company take?


"Fewer people (44%) say price is among the most important attributes of a company compared to environmentally-friendly business practices (71%), social responsibility (68%), and giving back to the local community (68%)." - https://clutch.co/pr-firms/resources/how-corporate-social-responsibility-influences-buying-decisions

People come looking for CBD and hemp-derived products for relief, so your job is showing them that their wellbeing is your #1 priority as a cannabis provider.


A great way to do this is by outlining your stance on consumption and quality of your products. A dedicated page on your website is sure to show visitors what you are all about. You can answer FAQ's that new users have when trying your products and even provide information about recommended dosage.


It's also extremely important to highlight who should not be using your products and perhaps provide resources for those who might not fit your target demographic.


For example, you should clearly state if your product is not meant for pregnant women, those who operate heavy machinery or those of a certain age. Cronus Group, a company that is very well established in the cannabis industry, does a great job of this.


Age restriction is one of the most important stances when it comes to abiding by laws and regulation. Cannabis products are not meant for those below the age of 18 or 21 depending on local jurisdictions. You should make this VERY clear on your website and when selling to consumers.


Overuse and addiction is also something that you should warn customers about. Any substance can be abused and it's important to disclose how to find relief without developing a dependence. Providing resources to help those who are suffering from addiction also show that your company cares about the wellbeing of your clients.

Cannabis Use Resources


Here are some great resources from the US government regarding some of these situations:


Make sure to let them know your experience with dealing with legal restrictions and how your company has evolved in this ever-changing landscape. It's important to establish your authority, people are looking for a company they can trust and feel safe buying from.


Providing info about the quality testing and awards of your product is also a great way to show responsibility for your company.


Whether you sell CBD, Delta-8, Cannabis flower or extract, a responsibility initiative is a fantastic way to let the world know your stance on how to use your products correctly.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the best practices for creating this type of content for your business' website, Full Scale SEO is ready to help!

Chris Romero

Chris Romero is a well known and respected SEO, Filmmaker, Writer and Web Designer. He has worked on campaigns with Walt Disney World Corporate, Universal Studios, FOX TV, The HOTH, 9Round and over 1000 companies of all sizes.

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