December 10, 2019

Future of SEO: 6 SEO Trends for 2020 That You Need to Know

by Colleen Romero

As we roll into the home stretch toward Christmas dinner, New Year’s champagne and plenty of resolutions, make sure that you have your mind set on search engine optimization (SEO) in 2020.

SEO is still the backbone of marketing, and you will need to keep up with the trends. There are a few SEO trends that will spell success for you in the new year.

Read on and apply these tips in 2020 to make sure you’re keeping up with the future of SEO.

1. Voice Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without a doubt, voice needs to be part of your formula moving forward.

As SEO TWIST explains, optimizing for voice search is the wave of the future. In January of 2019, close to 60 percent of people surveyed said that they have used voice search technology.

Statistics aside, think about your own life. If you are constantly talking to Siri or Alexa, you probably already have an idea about how quickly voice search has become engrained in our everyday lives and habits.

Rather than treating it like some huge tech upgrade, treat it like what it is — the tool that the people of today are using. Optimize your SEO strategies to include voice search in all of its forms.

2. Take Ownership Over Blogging

If you want quality SEO, it’s still important to become the best blogger you can be.

Don’t just blog, make sure you are blogging effectively and frequently. By having regular posts with quality content, not only will your site get Google ranking, but you are also capturing the attention, hearts, and minds of your readers.

This builds you long-term equity that you just can’t buy, and best of all, most of the hard work of blogging costs you nothing. You can get incredible results without it having to be an expensive part of your marketing campaign.

Make sure, above all, that you are posting quality, and that your blog posts are long-form, with headers, sub-headers, and multimedia.

3. Keep Up With Quality Web Design Principles and Trends

Building a website that looks great and is highly navigable means the world when it comes to SEO.

Google will continue giving preferential ranking to sites that are well-designed in 2020. Start adopting the web principles of today so your site is modern and effective.

4. Post Video Regularly

Video is also a critical tool for your SEO success.

In addition to building up a YouTube channel and posting videos across other platforms, take the time to embed video within your own site. Consumers are ravenous for great video content, so keep pumping it out.

5. Quality Is an Asset, Not a Bonus

Build your SEO strategy around quality storytelling over everything else. This is what engages people and keeps them coming back.

Don’t just get caught up in the nuts and bolts strategies and forget about this concept. The more quality you put into each post, the better the SEO results you’ll get.

6. Make Use of Analytics

To make sure that you are getting the best from your SEO strategies, analytics needs to also be a heavy part of your protocol. These analytics help you study the playing field and learn a little bit more about the demographics of your users.

The more advanced you get with studying your traffic, the better you can improve your SEO results.

Dive Into the Future of SEO

These are the tips that will keep you up to date with the future of SEO. No matter what business you’re in, the tips above will carry you far with your marketing needs.

Check back for more info on SEO and marketing trends!

Colleen Romero

Colleen is an internationally known and respected copywriter who creates engaging and conversion-friendly SEO optimized web copy. She's been a content writer for over 5 years and specializes in content strategy and structured content.

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