October 30, 2018

5 Surprising Ways You Can Boost The Results Of Your SEO Campaign

by Colleen Romero

In the new age of digital marketing SEO is taking on a different face. While keyword stuffing, black hat linking, and spamming used to work like a charm search engines are way smarter now. As users are expecting better results from more natural search terms you need to pivot your strategy.

Links are still great, especially guests posts and high DA backlinking, but there are lots of ways you could be killing your rankings that you probably have no idea about. Here we give you 5 surprising ways you can boost the juice of your SEO campaign.

5 Surprising Tactics to Boost Your SEO Campaign

Let’s jump right in to start getting you more momentum in your SEO campaigns.

  • Consolidate Your Cannibalizing Content

The old days of SEO dictated that the more you could use a certain keyword or phrase throughout your site the better. Now, having too many instances of the same term throughout the site can actually hurt your overall rankings profile and cheat you out of the first page.

Say you have a business that sells designer boots. You should talk about them all the time, right? Wrong. This means that Google will rank a variety of pages on your website for “designer boots” but they will all end up pretty far back in results. How can you tell if you are cannibalizing your own rankings? Ahrefs is a great tool to use for tracking keyword cannibalization. When you look at your keyword rankings you’ll see a little box next to SERPS, click it and it will show you every URL that is ranking for that keyword. Here’s an example:

cannibalizing content hurts seo

A better tactic is to use one dedicated internal page, the one that’s ranking highest for the keyword, and optimize the content on that page for your target keyword. Then cut down the use of that term on the other pages ranking for it and whenever you do use the term use internal linking.

Internal linking is key to giving Google a roadmap on which page they should send the user to on your site for “designer boots”. If you go back and internal link (put a hyperlink on the term designer boots) each page that was ranking for the term before, you will boost the rankings of the optimized page and push those pages back in the search.

  • Competitor Analysis

You think you know your industry, and I’m sure you do, but how do you know how to do it better than your competition? Figure out what they are doing to own market share. Competitor analysis is the only way to really lead the charge and make it out ahead of them.

By studying what your competition is ranking for and how you can take that idea and do it better. Hijack those rankings and don’t feel bad about it.

  • Adding Paid Search

I thought this was an article about SEO campaigns so why the heck are we talking about paid search?! I know, I know, but, it’s actually a great one-two punch for the terms that are just out of your reach.

Also, there are amazing automation tools to make this a cost-effective method to boost SEO as well. You no longer have to pay fancy Google Ads managers to do magic behind the scenes. Now there are scripts that will do it for you. If you do a side by side comparison of Adwords automation tools and the results of an Ads manager you’ll see they are very similar. But, the manager is going to cost A LOT on top of your ad spend.

Some great automation tools are less than $100 a month. Great investment to boost the hard to reach keywords on your list.

  • Make Your Content Featured Snippet Ready

This is the new guy on the block that is turning into gold. What if I told you that position 1 in Google search isn’t what you should be after anymore? Surprised? You should actually be going after position 0.

How do you get into position 0? You format your content so you have a chance at a featured snippet. Here’s an easy way to do it. When you look at your rankings pull the keywords you are on page 1 for in positions 3-9. Then do a Google search for each to see if a featured snippet appears for the term. Here’s an example:

surprising seo strategies featured snippet

Your goal is to get your content in that beautiful box at the top. The pictured snippet is a paragraph snippet. Include an H2 heading with the query and write a short but informative paragraph between 40-60 words answering the query. You can also take the featured snippet that is there and do it better. But, don’t copy/paste it. Then you’ll get dinged for plagiarism.

  • Republish Old Content

This is an SEO ninja move. So, you’ve been publishing content for years. How can you make that continue to work for you? Republish it!

Make a habit of checking for outdated content on your site. If you find some, update it with current information, optimize it better for the keyword it’s ranking for, and republish it with today’s date. It let’s the search engines see it as a new post again and builds new SEO juice without changing the URL link and losing current rankings.

Make Your SEO Campaigns Work Better

We hope that you will go out there and start kicking butt making your campaigns better! Need some help with these tactics? We can help you chart a new SEO course.

Check out our SEO services for small business, we would be happy to perform the analysis we talked about in this post and help you build things up. We also offer content writing with our SEO packages so you can get some new fresh eyes on your site. Basically, if you’re spending money on digital marketing, you should make sure it’s the best digital marketing you could be doing with your budget. Let us go over your current strategy and make suggestions for you to stay competitive in the brand new landscape of SEO that is building up. It’s a jungle out there, don’t get lost in it.

Ready to get started? Contact us now here or fill out an SEO discovery form so we can jump on a call with you and explain exactly how we could help.




Colleen Romero

Colleen is an internationally known and respected copywriter who creates engaging and conversion-friendly SEO optimized web copy. She's been a content writer for over 5 years and specializes in content strategy and structured content.

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