February 14, 2018

5 Easy SEO Solutions for a Web Design Business

by Colleen Romero

Despite having great designs, most websites get bogged down by avoidable SEO problems. Unfortunately, 38 percent of internet users won’t want to stick around on a bad website. The good news is there are simple SEO solutions you can use.

Common website SEO problems include poor content, duplicate content, and slow site speed. Others are inconsistent contact information, lack of mobile optimization, and broken links. You can also add bad title tags, image problems, and meta description issues to the list.

Fixing these problems will increase website traffic and improve your search engine ranking. Read on to learn easy SEO solutions you can apply immediately.

Simple SEO Solutions You Can Apply

It’s a waste of time and resources if you fail to resolve website issues such as SEO. You might not think it is important now, but the results will show your error. You can avoid all these issues by applying a few SEO solutions.

Here are some examples:

1. Optimize for Mobile

There is no escaping the reality that mobile will increase its share of search traffic this year. As such, designers must make sure their websites have a quality mobile UI design.

This will help with your SEO and digital marketing strategies. Google knows the majority of site visitors are doing it through mobile phones. Thus, having a great mobile site will factor into your search engine rankings.

2. Use a Site Mapping Tool

One key pitfall of many sites is they lack a proper structure. This makes it frustrating for online users trying to navigate your site. If Google’s crawlers have a tough time going through your site, your ranking will be much lower.

Search engines want websites with great engagements, user experiences, and content. A site mapping tool lets your audience see more features. They’ll get the resources they were after.

3. Improve the On-Site Content

The quality of your website content determines your ranking. The valuable it is to the audience, the higher it will rank.

As such, use the right font and text size. Shorten your paragraphs and avoid fluff. Add images, graphs, and icons. Use headings and don’t stuff keywords in your work.

Remember to remove duplicate content. It affects how Google indexes your URLs.

4. Fix Broken Links

Broken inbound and outbound links affect your SEO and marketing. Search engines will give your site a low usability rating if crawlers find such links.

Thus, you must scan your site using webmaster tools. Find, fix, or replace the broken links. This prevents users from leaving your site to find solutions elsewhere.

Also, avoid shady and unnatural link building practices. Your ranking will plummet.

5. Make Your Images Search-Friendly

Images are crucial for the look of your blog posts. Yet, they do nothing for your SEO since crawlers can’t understand them. That’s because search engines will check the image for text. If there’s no text, the crawlers will move on.

As such, make sure you write a brief description relating to the topic and content of the blog post.

Learn More About SEO and Web Development

Applying the SEO solutions above will make your website stand out. It will give you credibility, attract new visitors, and offer a high ROI. Moreover, you’ll avoid penalties for keyword stuffing, bad links, and bad content.

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Colleen Romero

Colleen is an internationally known and respected copywriter who creates engaging and conversion-friendly SEO optimized web copy. She's been a content writer for over 5 years and specializes in content strategy and structured content.

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